The One Week Adventure In Kyrgyzstan


“CHU! (GO)” he shouted angrily, although his horse just turned its head and looked at him as if he’d been joking.


Lone rider in the borderlands of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz mountains, Chris on horse: “In the distant frontiers of Southern Kyrgyzstan in the Kara-Kulja district on the Chinese border, horse is the best transport for exploring the stunning mountain scenery.”



Green shot: In the winter the passage between valleys is nearly impossible as everything is covered in deep snow but in spring all is green




Cooking: Dairy products, meat and fat form the spine of nomads. The traditional doughnut-like Boortsog bread is deep-fried and often enjoyed as a desert



Milking: Every morning begins with milking of the cows


kyrgyzstan (3)

Picture of village: In the summer nomads take their cattle to summer pastures and live in tents but rest of they year is spent in villages



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