Busy At Yeboah 2018-11-06
The Musical Dialects Have One Motif

In autumnthe wind performed very weird songs that were quite hard to understand. It felt, that winter wanted to become a temporary season and played the concert of one actor for the following ten years. 

Russian classic music is widespread all over the world but unfortunately students from Moscow have never heard of traditional music in Ghana. In Ghana music and dance is something important because we use music to confess to educate and to express ourselves. Music and dance are an essential part of life in Africa. Apart from hip-hop and contemporary style that is wide spread among young generation we listen to our traditional, ethnic music. They play it with drams and local instruments like flute. Traditional music is also called the high life

The role is really significant. Ideational music is played in very important occasions like inauguration, funerals, and weddings. On a wedding we gather together and perform music that expresses feelings of a groom and bride. Due these songs and dances we are holding our traditions and tightening connections between generations. 

Grey: weird but beautiful 

Contemporary music is very popular. When we are talking about contemporary music I mean raggy and hip hop. New culture has an enormous influence on young people in Ghana. However, today in Africa or in Russia or in the whole world we can’t find a pure distinction between black and white – every time a grey color appears  that sometimes might take ambiguous and weird shapes but eventually it gives us a new way of thinking.

A mixture of traditional and contemporary music in Ghana transformed in a special genre. When hip hop style and a high life music that is assumed to be traditional music collided, new genre appeared from absolutely nowhere a hip life. We mix traditional songs with technologies. It is an absolutely different genre that is very flexible and might give an understanding of what people feel and how do they think. 

Grey: obscure and bleary

According to a generalized opinion mixing two different styles won’t create something new and unique. They claim that traditions should be saved and honored. But look at it from another point of view. Traditions help future generations to understand how people lived in the past. The fact that we are trying to modify high life music and express ourselves using history means something very important without any doubts. 

It has advantages and disadvantages and I feel myself standing somewhere in between. When modify and mix high life music with new technologies young generations are exploring our traditions that is a good thing for sure. At the same time they are lacking a pure high life music that embraces past and experience of our ancestors. 

Unusual is a current trend even if it is grey

Azonto is a traditional dance that originally came from Africa and now people in Great Britain and in Europe are dancing it. If we didn’t have hip life music and didn’t mix traditional motives with technologies, computer science, the rest of the world wouldn’t be excited about it. 

Yong generations listen to hip hop and hip life but I’m very into traditional music that contains our past. The country we have and the future we might have is impossible to achieve without honoring our past. I’m listening to high life and to hip life that broadens my background and helps to develop myself. But the uniqueness of high life music is undeniable and it is the reason of why the new genre appeared having been based on traditional music. 

Back to Russia

Russian classic music is very beautiful. In Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory I could understand what they wanted to say if I could say so. Instruments might say much more than people can. Talking about contemporary music in Russia I don’t listen it very often. I don’t understand the language maybe this is why classic music is closer for my mind. 

For me it is quite unusual to see people playing in the streets or in the metro. In Ghana we don’t do it even if a person needs money he or she won’t stand in the middle of the street performing something. Maybe it is because of the mentality or circumstances. In Ghana we play life music in restaurants I like singing. What I sing depends on my mood but it helps to relax and to feel better.

Buzy At Yeboah has heard about the Voice but thought songs should be performed purely in Russian. He is thinking about taking part in the contest next year. It is a new challenge for him. Overcoming challenges brings new motives to our life that transforms in new shapes and colors. Hip life is the best illustration for it.