Yulia Kazakova 2018-06-17
Oh, no! What happened to Russian Libraries?

Digital era overwrites cultural space and sets new standards and values. However, a strong connection between present and past is preserved. This connection is stronger than the one you need to browse the Internet. Where do the heritage and new technologies collide? Don’t Google as you know the answer.

On 17, June a Russian writer, poet and journalist Dmitry Bykov delivered a lecture to honor the memory of a Soviet poet in a library named on his behalf: the library of M.A. Svetlov, that is short-named as “Svetlovka”.

Mikhail Svetlov a Russian author was born in 1903. Between 1941 and 1945 Mikhail Svetlov was a special war correspondent. He was trying to find his place in Socialist realism with a limited amount of literature means approved by the party. Mikhail Svetlov wrote plays and poems where he covered peculiarities of the Soviet times.

Today library of M.A. Svetlov is a new space for sharing knowledge and opinions. It has nothing to do with libraries where the smell of old books is all around. The role of libraries is now redefined and redesigned.

Digital world gives opportunities and brings disruptions. Librarians have already become managers rather than sources of knowledge. A criterion of being effective is a condemnable requirement for a public sector; it is the life in the 21st century though. What actually happened to Russian libraries?