Irina Erohina, CEO Localway 2018-03-15
Find Your Way in Russia with Localway

Having come to Moscow from a very small Russian city to study at the international economics department at one of the best Russian universities, I wish I’d participated in extracurricular activities more. At the time, I didn’t know who I wanted to be and what field I wanted to work in. I knew I wanted to stay in business, but there were many aspects of it to choose from. I realized this mostly when I was already getting my masters in Germany.  I pursued my passion for exploring new areas. This brought me to the way I’m glad to follow: Localway.

My personal way was composed of challenges; naturally, I went for it.  When I had a free time, I travelled. Even these days I buy tickets in the last minute and go to the airport. Exploring different countries and learning about different cultures motivates me to create and do something new. Usually the best ideas come when one is somewhere abroad. Wanderlust is like a drug: when you start, you can never stop.

About two and a half years ago, I worked for a German company and my American contract had just expired, so I had to go back to Germany. The investor of Localway found me when I moved back to Germany from San Francisco, which led to the possibility of my working on Localway. I had to choose between a German multinational firm and a Moscow-based startup. Since I was in my twenties, I thought that another chance to reap the benefits of working for a big corporation would present itself again if I wanted it, which wasn’t necessarily true for this startup. So I took the risk and moved back to Russia to create something from scratch, thinking that maybe I’d never get an opportunity like this again.

An exciting chance to leverage a passion for traveling in a startup project. Localway became an opportunity to do what I love and often don’t even consider it as work. Localway is a personalized travel and entertainment information search platform. So far, we have launched a website, and apps for iOS and Android systems. Localway provides information about where to stay, where to go, and what to see in every city in Russia, giving tools to help users research the best way to spend their time in our beautiful country.

Having assessed the market we observed that there are many websites with detailed information on Moscow and Saint Petersburg. There are few that cover the rest of Russia though. For a tourist, it’s a challenge to venture beyond Moscow and St Petersburg because information on other cities is scarce. Further, there are almost no mobile apps for travellers in Russia, which might be one of the reasons we keep getting many awards for our app, including a recent recognition from Google as one of the best apps made in Russia. It’s really motivating to watch Localway win every award in travel section. I feel very proud of my team and I’m convinced that I made the right decision by returning to my home country.

An advice I got not to be afraid even in a very competitive market and to encourage friends to lead the team and to follow the idea you had helps me these days. I love to be the best at everything and when I’m not, I try really hard to be. It helps me a lot in everyday life and at my job.At Localway we love to spend time with friends and go to restaurants and bars in the evening. I like checking out new places which are open in Moscow 24/7.

When you feel like you’re losing motivation or running out of ideas just travel somewhere, do what you love most and take some time for yourself. When you return, you’ll feel fresh and ready to take over the world. I return to doing all I can to make Localway the best app for exploring Russia.