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Hey, guys! I’m gonna start my review session from the most famous coffee shop in the world – Starbucks.


You know, once upon a time I met a guy that said that he had never been to Starbucks because this café “is overrated just due to brand-name and marketing strategy”. We do not communicate from that day anymore :D



So, Starbucks, the biggest chain of coffee houses in the world, with a special mission and more than 22,5 thousand restaurants throughout the planet, was founded in 1971 in the USA. The company produces and sells many sorts of coffee beans, espresso, drinks based on espresso, tea, sandwiches, desserts, etc. The fact that the profit is not the only goal for the company deserves special attention. Starbucks often supports a variety of charitable projects. Also, the company cares about the environment and even ethnicity of the customers. For example, this year the Christmas decoration on cups was removed and the cups remained red as the way of showing the tolerance of the company to the alternative religions.


Starbucks is very popular in Hollywood films. Do you remember, how Andrea, the main hero of “The Devil Wears Prada,” kept running for Latte from Starbucks for her boss Miranda? ☺ I do.


I won’t lie to you if I say that I visit Starbucks very often. Why? First, because I’m absolutely sure that the quality of coffee is always on the highest level and each visit will give me only positive emotions. Second, I can find Starbucks wherever I am in Moscow – the number of cafes is impressive. Third – I really trust the brand with nearly 50 years history.


So, as for the points, I gave Starbucks:


➢   1.5 points for the coffee. Every person could find drinks for their needs and tastes – there are many types of coffee, tea, juices, etc. in the cafés. Delicious Espresso with a delicate touch of honey, real Americano, French press black coffee, foamy Cappuccino, soft Latte, very sweet and very chocolate Mokko, unusual and pleasant Black coffee brewed using the Pour-over, tasty Season drinks like my adorable Christmas Ginger Latte – everyone could find the best coffee for themselves. Moreover, customers can ask for skim or lactose-free milk and a wide range of sweet syrups.


I took away 0,5 points because sometimes the taste of Freshly brewed coffee depends on the mood of barista and correctness of roasting of beans. Once or twice this drink was too bitter. But in general, coffee in this café deserves the high point.


➢   2 points for the interior. The appearance of Starbucks cafés is always on top. The design is pretty pleasant, the seats are comfortable, the tables are convenient for both romantic conversation over a cup of coffee and writing of a business plan for your startup ☺


➢   2 points for the quality of service. I like the staff working in Starbucks. They always smile and try to do their best to lighten your mood. And I really love the way they shout my name when coffee is ready ☺ It’s so cute.


➢   2 points for the price-quality ratio. In my opinion, if you really want to enjoy good coffee and cozy atmosphere, relatively high market prices won’t frighten you. They deserve it.


➢   1.5 points from the guest Dmitry: “Briefly, it’s always comfortable and pleasant to stay in a café. Coffee is excellent in most cases. But sometimes there are failures: too much depends on Barista. And the combination of almond and Irish cream syrup is my excellent taste”.


Overall, Starbucks got 9 out of 10 points. The result is very impressive, isn’t it? So if you want to drink perfect coffee, welcome to Starbucks! I swear you’ll like it.


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 (Author’s spelling and punctuation preserved)


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