Hamid Aitel Caid , Anastasiya Arsenyeva  2017-08-17
Regional Branding: Constructivism In Yekaterinburg

We can drive one’s mind towards very different systems which employ creativity and new ideas. The project created by Daria Chuzinova represents a route through significant architectural of Yekaterinburg. Today the city has about 140 of such buildings; some of them occupy whole quarters. None of other cities in the world has such outstanding features of soviet construction. Unfortunately, future of the unique architectural collection is alarming, because there’s a big problem of public ignorance for the architectural heritage. Our goal is not only to attract attention of residents and tourists to visit the city, but also to enhance the region’s capabilities in preserving architectural heirloom of the city.

We look forward to the authorities, investors and citizens to take the right decisions on the preservation of monuments, which will be the city’s pride in future. Yekaterinburg morphological characteristics include navigational map with marked objects of construction, plates, signposts, themed booths, branded souvenirs and book called “Construction of Yekaterinburg”.

We propose to use the main tourist route “The blue line” running through the streets of Yekaterinburg. This blue line on the sidewalk connects all the architectural combinations of the city. 

Besides, all information boards on historical references are written in both Russian and English.

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Daria Chuzinova studies design at HSE Art&Design School.