Sanjay Rajhans 2018-11-06
Exploring Public Policy In The ICE Age

The Public policy as a subject is much closer to the ideas of “Problem solving” analyzing the current and past  socio-economic processes of a given society, the challenges and the opportunities that lies underneath and ahead and take the holistic look through the multi-disciplinary approach and bring the solution centric discussion in front. At a time when the needs and demands of the citizens all over the world have increased and so have the expectations from the state institutions to deliver on the deliverables, Public Policy as a discipline works to analyze and work out the solutions of the knotted problem with a very localized and customized approach. Besides the subject has the Policy at its core, how and why a certain policy shall designed, processed implemented or annulled and doing that through the observation of the same through the prism of the multi disciplinary social issues is the key .

As a discipline it is in much high demand across the world and if the global trend is an indication has attracted the fancy of scholars from various social sciences discipline to bring join the expertise and work in this field most notably from Economics, Sociology, Legal studies and of course from Political science and Public Administration . The other thing is related with the kind of students that this subject gains as their graduates all over is that a large number of them are mid career executives and persons with solid work experience with a prior Graduation degree and an academic background of study before.

Though one shall agree that there are many commons in Political science studies and Public Policy but the core directions are different Political science is more on  a theoretical base . Public policy is much more practical-getting the theory to work in real-world situations. One may dare say that Public Policy approach is more of the technological/ applicative aspect of the Political science where the economics and statistics as a subject along with the streams of sociology is being incorporated while at the same time the conceptual and theoretical aspect is not marginalized. . One must agree that there is an amazing set of convergence in these two disciplines path ways and in the learning space the scholars of these two disciplines join the common platforms owing to their common area of academic expertise.

We live in the converging ICE age (information, communication and entertainment age!) where the convergence of ideas, skills and expertise are growing along with the expectations and demands of the public, the current space of the citizenry does not feel contended by merely represented for their needs and questions they want to participate in the process of the problem solving. Public Policy as a discipline has this in the very core of its genesis the idea of problem solving, to examine the faulty implementation of policy, its review and substitute through a new and much effective policy that concerns the larger public goods of the given society . The students in our do learn a range of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills. The composition of the program have fundamentals of the Public policy learning, International Political Economy, the conflict management and mediation, theory and methodology of Political studies besides the public communication and discourse skills, the soft laws and the legal mechanisms As the program has two different concentrate Policy Analysis &Human rights and democratic governance the public centric and pro citizen policy learning is embedded through our teaching objective.

A set of factors are there that encourage the students themselves to go for the Masters degree. First the very objective ones, the global job market has see the upward swing for the larger number of Graduate students going for the entry level and the place for undergraduate in the regulated job market is not increasing. Secondly a program that is a perfect blend of theory and applied skills give the students a perfect opportunity to be a better employee in the vast range of workplace unlike a mere theory centric Masters education. Lastly, the quality of the program and its international prestige do matter a lot for the future employers when they decide to hire the students. Our program is much respected both in Russia and abroad, has a high range of international staff from Oxford ,Cambridge, Lee Kuan Yew ( one of the best public Schools worldwide) . The program envisage for the practical training and Internship for the students both in the first and the second year. So there is a convergence of the real condition in the skilled and knowledge centric job market coupled with the wonderful learning opportunity that this program offers that substantially enhances the employability of the students after the successful completion of our Masters program. On the idealistic note too,  both Russia and the developing economy needs a vast range of trained and skilled Policy analyst for the far effective, implementation and review  of the  policy be it state ones or the privately initiated.