Tekanyo Ketsile, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering 2018-02-26
Build A Skyscraper On African Dreams

When I was very young my sister gave me a book with a very beautiful cover where the main idea was ‘do whatever you want to do’. It was designed so great that I started exploring design in general. Fashion design and its idea of freedom attracted me but this sphere changes in an unpredictable way. In my homeland fashion design is not something where you can develop your skills as this sphere is not developed there.  And then architecture occupied my mind because of a lot of freedom and new opportunities to discover. I applied for a scholarship for different universities –Russia, China, Japan and Cyprus. The university in Moscow responded so quickly as I took a decision to come here. In two months invitations from China and Japan were delivered but I don’t regret about not going there. I felt that it was time to move on and move away from my country to gain knowledge. Practical knowledge appeared to be different from a theoretical one I had from newspaers.

In Moscow commercial buildings and business centers seem to be the most interesting and challenging for me. On the one hand, you don’t have to care about such things as bathrooms and kitchens- this gives you an opportunity to implement ideas, but on the other hand, it is more challenging since you have to create an atmosphere where people will work for a company and everything should be designed properly. People are drawn to change the environment they live in. They try to design things that will inspire them to do what they want to do.

Modern and Conceptualism attracted the attention as they are so revolutionary and filled with new ideas that change previous views on how people live. Buildings were constructed in the same shape – a roof, four walls and a floor. New tendencies let architectures implement ornaments and design new forms. In modernist architecture you see the growth. A wide variety of materials could be used. Before, let say, a revolution there were brick and cement, whereas after it people started using grass and glass.

One incredible building was made of glass and mirrors. When you look at the wall, you actually look at the sky that makes you feel free, I would say. With glass you can feel more opened to people you are surrounded by and to the whole world. As I see it now, the latest trend is occupying more space. Every person is looking for an extra private place where he or she can relax and do what he or she wants. Stone is also becoming popular.

I really want to start my own business. Coming up and gaining experience might be better in a huge company but I don’t feel I want to build a career working for somebody instead of developing my own design. It is not something easy since you need employees, finances but it is so exciting! What I really want is to launch my own company and go back home to Botswana where I can be a part of my country. Botswana has been rated as one of fastest developing countries in Africa and I do want to be a part of this movement. I want to change my country and take a fresh breath there.

My goals are home-oriented. Staying in Russia may give me many opportunities obviously since there are broad varieties of things to do, but developing my own country is much closer to my psychology. I want to see the growth of my country and be involved in it. I really do.

Our country shares traditional values and we care a lot about seniors and children. Any child in any home in Botswana will tell you that you need to respect adults. This is the first point. The second point comes when we consider relationships between people in the streets.

If I’m an adult and I see a child doing something inappropriate, I will tell him or her to stop it. If I’m an adult and I see a child who needs help, I will do my best to help him or her.

In such a big country as Russia it is so hard to have a tight connection between all the members of a family. I know students studying in Moscow and whose family lives on the other side of the country. Speaking about me, I’m really looking forward to seeing all my family.

There is an island in the middle of the Asian Ocean. Now a really prominent company is working on constructing a new world on this island. It is absolutely beautiful. Now only one bank is opened but the project is so stunning. It is helpful for the economy since it will employ so many people and it is helpful for the island in general. In the beginning there was sand and absolutely nothing. Now the infrastructure and investments are coming on that beach. (laughing) The main building is Four Seasons Hotel surrounded by incredibly beautiful architecture.

Being a first-year student I’m learning different techniques. I have just worked with Chinese ink that is taking so much time and efforts. But I do like spending time on it. I have a passion for architecture. A friend of mine, who came from Syria, Nawar Haddad, is modeling in AutoCAD Architecture. It is a computer program for designers that allows to be very accurate when measuring and projecting. It may sound naïve but I feel like working with inks, pen and a paper will make me happier. I assume that in the future in my own company (laughing) I will need to use a computer but now I let it be how it goes.