Mònica García 2018-02-26
Art To Reflect On Russian And Mexican Soul

A certain connection has always transpired between Russia and Mexico. Even there are a lot of differences like the weather, the traditions, the food and many more, I always try to think about the things that bring us together. People in Russia and in Mexico are hard-working and ambitious; they’re always aspiring to be more than they currently are. I’ve seen hardworking students and families want to provide every member a better education and a better lifestyle.

One of the most famous Mexican painters, a revolutionary and controversial woman, Frida Kahlo attracts attention. A women ahead of her time and for me, an ultimate riot girl.

Frida Kahlo had a troubled life. She contracted polio at the age of six, which left her right leg thinner than the left. A bus accident later caused her more serious injuries and she had to spend three months recovering in a full body cast. The accident left permanent damage and also prevented her from having kids.

After her accident, Frida began to paint, to occupy herself during her recovery. Frida’s paintings are mainly colorful self-portraits which often incorporate symbolic portrayals of her physical and psychological wounds.

She married Diego Rivera, another well-known Mexican painter, they had a complicated relationship and both had many affairs. Frida was bisexual and between her many lovers we found a Soviet politician, founder and first leader of the Red Army (yes I’m talking about Lev Trotsky). She met Lev thanks to her husband, Diego Rivera.

Diego Rivera asked Mexican authorities to allow Trotsky to live in Mexico. The request was accepted and he and his wife, Natalia Ivanovna Sedova, came to live in Frida’s famous blue house.

People say that Frida felt attracted to his intellectual and his political knowledge right away, but I think it might have been the blue eyes instead. (Yes, I talk from experience.)

Frida and Trotsky had a short but passionate affair. They exchanged love letters and Frida even gave him a self-portrait. When Diego found out, they broke up. Lev and his wife had to leave the house. Not long after that, Trotsky was killed.

Frida’s blue house is now a museum in Mexico City. It has photos of her with Lev Trotsky. Even in Moscow, it is possible to see a painting from Diego Rivera in The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, in the Impressionist Collection.

Frida was a painter and Lev a politician. They didn’t have easy lives, but they always worked hard and defended their ideas. They were passionate about what they did. Maybe that’s why, for a short time, they were together – they were actually quite similar.

This is one of the many subtle connections that are perceived between Russia and Mexico.