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Have you ever heard about case championships, guys? That’s a thing that had stolen me from you for three weeks :D But I’m with you again, and today will discuss  “sensational” Moscow café called “Good enough.”



“Good enough” is located on 4/10 Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya St. When I was walking to my destination, I was rather pleased with the location of the café: it’s based on Sadovoe Ring and very close to the nearest metro station. I’ve read some reviews about the GE on the net and expected to spend a pleasant hour with my friend over a cup of coffee. How wrong was I!



From the very first step in the café, I was really shocked. I thought I suddenly moved to a kitchen of an unbelievably old boat. The stairs were too close to the place for ordering coffee and incoming and outgoing people crowded like during the rush hour in the subway. It alarmed me. Then we chose the most convenient table — one of 4 or 5- don’t exactly remember. We have been waiting for a waiter for about 7 minutes and I remembered about the self-service. I went to the cashier and ordered Mandarin coffee that is supposed to be a unique and brand-name taste. Then not very kind girl took my order but didn’t ask for money – what? It turned out to be that guests pay for their coffee while leaving. But I didn’t like the system.



So, as for the points, “Good enough” will take from me:

 ➢0.7 points for the coffee. Mandarin coffee was OK – I cannot add anything else. The taste of the syrup was OK as well but I can’t say anything about the quality and naturalness of the product. So of you’re keen on only natural products, you’d better ask for additional information from the barista. I suppose that Cappuccino in GE according to the reviews should be Good enough (love the pun :) ) but I didn’t try it. I was so shocked by the quality of service that I even didn’t remember to see if there was skim or lactose-free milk etc. Hope you’ll forgive me!


➢0.5 points for the interior. It was catastrophically not enough space and tables. I felt like I’m in a dungeon regardless of the excellent location of the café. It didn’t look nice and clean especially in the kitchen next to the entrance door. The walls were decorated with white bricks and seemed like the similarity of the loft style, but in general, I didn’t like it.


➢0.5 points for the quality of service. I’ve already mentioned the quality of service above and I don’t know what to add.


➢0.5 points for adequate price-quality ratio. I cannot say it about every product in the café, but my Mandarin coffee didn’t deserve the price of 300 rubles. I was really shocked when barista brought me a small glass (attention – glass!) of mediocre coffee that cost me like a big cup of pretty good cappuccino in any other coffee shop.


➢0 points for a distinctive feature of the café. I didn’t find anything special.


➢0 points for a guest opinion. Unfortunately, my friend and I came to the GE too early and there were almost no people inside. I decided to get out of the situation by asking my friend for help. To sum up, she said that she didn’t like the place and won’t come back here anymore. I tend to believe her cause we often visit many cafés together and she has relatively good experience.



To conclude, “Good enough” got 2.2 out of 10 points. Not very much.



I heard gossip that GE is closing soon. So, I won’t be very sad, to be honest. And I do not recommend this place for visiting. If you do not agree with me, please, do not offense. It’s just my subjective opinion.




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