Yulia Kazakova 2018-11-19
Melting Statistics Under EYP’s Endeavours

The Fifth National Session of EYP gathered over 100 participants from Russia and all over Europe in Moscow. The participants united their endeavors under the motto "Inspire. Innovate. Implement".

Endangered linguistic species 

The session was chaired by Jakob Planinsek from Slovenia. His team presented a solid vision on the problem. Being concerned about the immense linguistic polarity existing at the moment, with about 97% of the world’s population speaking about 4% of the world’s languages participants of EYP encouraged to create interactive exhibitions concerning the heritage of particularly endan- gered languages and to implement systematic exams across Europe in educational institutions.

The full potential of Europe’s female workforce 

Chairperson of the committee Simon Forsgren came from Sweden to shed a light on the problem. The group of motivated members acknowledged  that women are hindered from having equal access to justice and equal treatment in the workplace.  Participants of EYP encouraged to combat gender stereotypes through introducing gender and minority studies in their respective high school curricula as a part of the social science education and to allocate funding toward scientific research papers on the topics of intersectional discrimination and gender studies.

Mental health


Being concerned about the burden of mental health issues among the European youth chairperson Anastasia Zhuchkova from Estonia curated a group of participants and agreed to provide financial and medical support to young people from low-income families and to collaborate with influencers or opinion leaders when discussing the topic of mental health in order to alleviate the stigma related to it; 

Limiting carbon emissions

Bearing in mind the incapacity of the infrastructure of renewable energies to adopt to the changing digital world particpants of EYP were curated by Tuukka Rytkönen from Finland to encourage a calculation of an obligatory taxation level on carbon emissions for Member Statest as well as a promotion of eco-friendly goods and services by offering lower prices on these products; 

Communication technologies for improving democratic processes 

Affirming that the lack of constraints over digital spaces and the necessity to redesign access to public services Lorenzo Spadetto from Italy guided  EYP participants to agree on campaigns creations in order to raise technological awareness among the citizens and bring them towards a more critical way of thinking and ICT improvement by creating public digital places with accessible technological devices.

Incorporating migrant youth communities

Recognising the importance of the integration of migrant communities a chairperson Sasha Ivlev from the Netherlands encouraged EYP participants to agree on providing large media giants with incentives to inform migrants via TV, the internet, radio, hot lines and educational leaflets on the topics of local traditions and to conduct entry tests for migrants in order to verify their education level and possible degrees.