Cafe: Eat&Talk


What: Cafe Eat&Talk

Where: Mohovaja,7

Why: to have a lunch and to draw

EatTalk (3)

Moscow’s cafe culture has been transformed over the years and one café has created a unique atmosphere close to the Red Square. The place is embracing a kind of street culture that values quality cooking and fresh ideas that comes to your mind when you have a brain storm with your friends and colleagues.

Eat&Talk is the latest in this wave. Neither cafe is large, and it tends to have a busy, lively atmosphere – especially at lunchtimes since it is placed in the business center, it is worth going there. The décor, informed by the street food concept, has original paintings. I will not tell you what is painted there since you might lose the intention to order a large piece of pizza. The light is not bright but when the idea comes to your mind it is time to look in the center of the table- they have an extra light for you to eat and.. to draw.

Instead of a tablecloth, a sheet of paper is used. You can find pencils that are always cloistered (I have never cloistered my pencils) but there is no rubber – you definitely don’t need it since the whole tablecloth is under your control. Feel free to solve mathematical equations, to write down the Fibonacci sequence or to draw a life-cycle product you are working on.

During the brainstorming, don’t forget to order a 24/7 Breakfast (Omelette with Cheese – 250 rur., Porridge (Semolina, Oat or Rice)- 200 rur). They know your morning might have started at 5pm and they know your Russian might be not perfect so they printed an English menu.

Pizza (200 rur- 400rur) of any tastes and Fettuccine Carbonara (With Bacon, Egg in Cream Sauce with Parmesan Cheese) (330 rur) might make your evening unbelievably productive. Grilled Dishes and Sushi are also on the menu( Pork loin- 460 rur, Dorado – 490 rur, Orange California 390 rur.)

After developing your project enjoy the Bar menu. You might be under 18 so we won’t tell you what is inside it. Anyway, carrot fresh juice(200 rur) and a cold lemonade (270rur) are available at any time.