Benjamin Odame 2017-08-13
Visual Branding: Dymkovo Toys

Dymkovo toys originated in the city of Kirov (Sloboda Dymkovo) — a city in Russia, located on the Viatka River, 896 km north-east of Moscow. Anna Dmitrieva a 2nd year student of HSE Art and Design School is interested in visual branding. She believes that it is possible to make the city attractive to tourists with international background.

The objective of my project is to arouse the interest of people, all over the world to Dymkovo products, to preserve the unique folk craft, regenerating it into «something» modern, thereby increasing the demand / sales of products Dymkovo (marketing it by «by ear» brand recognizable visually).

At first, the target audience, which would have been chosen, and could help popularize products Dymkovo was the youth (students). After the study, it became clear that the most popular trend among young people are clothes. This however, then became the starting criterion in the «new face» Dymkovo, thus, to get a new delirium «DYMKOVO» — clothes shop, which is located in a major city (eg, Moscow).

Store Products is based on the most simplistic style Dymkovo toys; from paintings and patterns have been selected for the main elements of circles.

The two red-circle impersonation of blush on the chins of all Dymkovo ladies were also taken as a product logo.

The challenge now is to make re-branding style, specify the target audience, expand the range of the store (to cover not only clothes, but also other brand of support) to create a conceptual brand products.