Nikita Veselov, Deputy Secretary General (DAIMMUN) 2018-01-24
Leading The International Agenda At The Model of United Nations In Moscow

Do relations between family members differ from relations between international actors? When it comes to relations between states, it is necessary to understand that they built on the relations between people. They are interconnected.

During the negotiations, it is vital to make your opponent think in a good way about you. A vivid example of this is the Sino-US relations. According to Donald Trump, the fact that he liked the president of China as a person played an important role in finding a compromise and avoiding a trade war, which, as the majority of experts supposed was inevitable.

The modern world provides motivated students with opportunities to find and establish appropriate relations between people from different countries and regions. One of these opportunities is to take part in international youth conferences. The topics of these conferences can vary from a congress of comics book lovers to a youth parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe. Model UN were created by Harvard as academic conferences to simulate the UN., It is an opportunity to learn deeply about a topic, meet people from all around the world, improve public speaking skills and share memories. MUN is more a simulation of parliamentary procedures than the actual decision making process of the United Nations.

In Russia there a problem with holding such conferences exists. Some of them are held just to be held, while others do not satisfy international standards. In general the culture of youth international movements is not developed in the country that is well-known on the international stage. However, there are various attempts to create a platform for bringing together young people from different countries. In particular, in the autumn the World Festival of Youth and Students was held in Sochi. Nowadays many smaller ones are held on a regular basis in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Vladivostok. They unite students with a different background to collaborate on one issue.

For the very first time the Diplomatic Academy International Ministerial Model United Nations (DAIMMUN) was held in 2013. Back then 20 students of the Diplomatic Academy took part in it.  DAIMMUN is actively expanding. In 5 years 5 large multi-day conferences and more than 10 one-day events were held. As in every international UN model, participants represent different countries and work on the agenda, that is discussed in the UN headquarters in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.

This conference is interesting not only for specialists in this field, but also for those whose life is not connected with international relations. The reason for this is simple: it is an opportunity to meet new people from other countries. In 5 years the Diplomatic Academy's models welcomed participants from North America, Europe, Asia and even Africa. More than 50 people from different countries shared their experiences with each other. Some of them even came for the next year’s event. 

DAIMMUN is considered to be the only UN model in the world that communicates with the relevant government department: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Experts from MFA are coming to openings to give their personal opinion on the matter and after the model is held they analyse the documents (resolutions, declarations, reports) submitted by the participants. Thus, the voices and proposals of each delegate, from each country in the world is heard and might be potentially implemented in real life. 

Resolutions comply with the norms of international law and are carefully checked. That allows all participants to practice not only their public speaking skills during debates but also to improve their writing skills. The work of the delegates is followed by the media coverage. Six modelled press agencies record every word, spread rumours and make photographs so that the model is becoming a reality or even better. 

International participants feel themselves quite confident with delivering a speech at MUNs held in Russia as they have a huge background and experience. Clemence Poirier is international student. She came from Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France to study at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow. Clemence is a mature participant and has what to share with colleagues. She has already participated in 5 MUNs. At 2016 London International MUN she spoke on behalf of Russia. At 2016 Lyon International MUN Clemence represented Angola. At 2016 Paris International MUN she acted as a delegate of Azerbaijan. At 2016 Model European Union she was a member of parliament of Madrid. At 2017 London International MUN she represented the UK. The list will be expanded with 2018 MSU MUN Moscow. 

Clemence notes that it gives a glimpse of what the UN does and helps one to understand why some countries take the decisions they take. “It definitely made me more open-minded and no matter what you want to do for a living, the skills you learn in MUN will help you in your career. As I am currently on an exchange program at the Russian University of Economics in Plekhanov, I got the opportunity to introduce the world of MUN to students at the American Center Moscow, I hope some of them will register to MUN conferences and will enjoy them as much as I do.” – shares Clemence Poirier from France her feelings about MUNs. 

During the conference students are able to apply their theoretical knowledge of public policy discipline by identifying policy targets, stakeholders, ineffectiveness of already adopted policy. They are discussing how the implementation of biotechnology in agriculture can contradict human right despite it stands as a tool to promote sustainable development through enhancing food security and eradicating poverty. They take crucial decisions if biotechnology can affect the country’s economy through approval of genetically modified organism application that at the same time guarantees sustainable development 

After the 5 days students leave a MUN with a lot of knowledge on the agenda, abundant amount of increased of diplomatic skills, public  talks and speeches, pretty huge number of new wise friends and the feeling, that they have become a part of something big and global. They feel like a part of the world, they feel as if they are capable of making the decision  crucial and vital for the world society. And that what makes them go forward and go for the things they desire today as they are those who are to change the world tomorrow.