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Muscovites are hungry for the Sun and we are thirsty for international agenda. Collaboration with international students from all over the world with a rich background made us interested in another way of thinking, which differs from what we were used to. If you have a real thirst, you will build a well in the middle of a dessert. This this exactly what RS for us is.

Media is not supposed to only report news;

Media is a platform where new and fresh ideas are explored and delivered to those who need them most.

There is always a question - why did international students come to Russia? RS has an answer -for them it is an unexplored world with a rich cultural and historical past.

We are breaking stereotypes created by Western and Russian media to help you to understand the nation that overcame so many difficulties.

Read Square is a small world in a historical center of Moscow that engages open minded travelers from all over the world in exploring Russia . We are here to refine your mind.

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